Consultancy / Knowledge sharing

Lately I have been receiving quite the amount of questions regarding possible consultancy assignments or cooperations. Even though I am full time focussing on my research track and my PhD, people with interesting offers can always contact me for a small discussion.

Types of consultancy I have been doing in the past

  • Knowledge sharing/transfer: people with problems trying to solve that latest computer vision problem are best with this option. The idea is that we bounce off ideas during skype meetings and I then formalize everything into a small written report. Besides that we can also work out a question-answer by mail service.
  • Small consultancy projects: based on what people have seen me doing in my research I have been asked to do similar small computer vision projects. For the moment I limit myself to only accept projects that can be solved by knowledge I have already gained in the field. For this I adapt existing software into a ready to work package for the client.
  • Providing proof-of-concept studies: Have a new problem and want to see where it is leading? Don’t you know how to solve that specific computer vision problem? Then this is exactly what you need. Together we dig into the problem and try to come up with a plan of attack.

But as said before, I am always up for other suggestions/cooperations!

Written on July 26, 2016