OpenCV Blueprints - my first computer vision based book! Pre-order now!

Together with 3 other authors (Joseph Howse, Quan Hua and Utkarsh Sinha), I was offered the chance by PacktPub Publishing to write two chapters for the OpenCV Blueprints book, based on the OpenCV computer vision software, which I have been using for 3 years now in academic research context.

This book is ideal for any computer vision programmers that whishes to build computer vision systems that are smarter, faster, more complex, and more practical than the competition. It is an advanced computer vision based book intended for those who already have some experience in setting up an OpenCV development environment and building applications with OpenCV. You should be comfortable with computer vision concepts, object-oriented programming, graphics programming, IDEs, and the command line.

My first book

The two main subjects that I am writing on are

  • Discussing the OpenCV Viola and Jones framework for object detection using a cascade of boosted classifiers. I dig deeper into the different parameters, explain some of the core concepts and give you tons of suggestions on how to improve the performance of your object detector.

  • Using biometric properties of individuals for creating an automated login and authentication system. It discusses the use of face detection and recognition, fingerprint recognition and iris recognition. Besides that it illustrates how to create a multi-biometric authentication pipeline.

If any of this sounds amazing to you, have a look at our pre-order website. It discusses all chapters in the book briefly and has a bio of all the authors.

Written on September 8, 2015