I am a PhD research candidate at the KU Leuven, Department of Industrial Engineering Sciences. At this university, I am working for the EAVISE research group, which focuses on combining computer vision and artificial intelligence technologies into applicable solutions for the industry. I obtained a Master of Science degree in Electronics-ICT and further expanded my interest in computer vision by obtaining a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence.

As an enthusiastic researcher, my goal is to combine state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms with real-life industrial problems, while focussing mainly on providing robust and complete object detection solutions. However many of my side projects contain a variety of applied computer vision techniques. Previous projects include TOBCAT, an open source object detection framework for solving industrial object detection problems using the OpenCV framework, and a variety of smaller computer vision-based industrial projects. During these projects I worked closely with the industry and got familiar with the high demands it poses on software solutions.

Besides my PhD research, I am also an active participant in the OpenCV community. I am one of the main moderators of the OpenCV Q&A forum, and I have submitted and reviewed many bug fixes and improvements for the OpenCV 3 release. I also focus on pushing parts of my research back into the framework as much as possible to further support the open source spirit.