Consultancy / Knowledge sharing

Lately I have been receiving quite the amount of questions regarding possible consultancy assignments or cooperations. Even though I am full time focussing on my research track and my PhD, people with interesting offers can always contact me for a... </div> Read More </article>

Publications updated!

Since I went to Rome last week to present my latest research at VISIGRAPP2016, I have decided to update the information on my publications page. For each publication you can now find a link to the original paper and a... </div> Read More </article>

PacktPub $5 sales


New offer from Packt Publishing! Packt’s $5 sale starts today and would run up till 6th Jan 2016, offering all ebooks and videos for $5 a piece, including the recently released OpenCV 3 Blueprints book, which... </div> Read More </article>

OpenCV Blueprints - my first computer vision based book! Pre-order now!

Together with 3 other authors (Joseph Howse, Quan Hua and Utkarsh Sinha), I was offered the chance by PacktPub Publishing to write two chapters for the OpenCV Blueprints book, based on the OpenCV computer vision software, which I have... </div> Read More </article>

Welcome to this computer vision based blog!

Welcome on my personal computer vision blog which will shed a light on the current research I am performing and everything related to that. For about 2 years I have been actively develloping OpenCV based computer vision software. Besides that... </div> Read More </article> </div>